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• Plane :
Paris, then train to La Roche sur Yon, or
Nantes, then train to La Roche sur Yon (shorter)

• Train :
12 km from Luçon Railway Station (line Nantes-Bordeaux)
25 km from La Roche/Yon (TGV direct Paris-La Roche 3 h. 1 direct / day, inquire SVP) Taxis availables

• Road :
From Paris (4 hrs 30 mn) Highway A11 upto Angers, then A87, then A83 (direction Niort)
EXIT Ste Hermine. In the village of Ste Hermine, take La Roche/Yon", then D19 heading to "Mareuil/Lay" We are 1 km after Les Moutiers sur Lay, on the left side