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The Tripoura Center opened its doors in 1983 in a 15th century manor blessed by the presence and teachings of Swami Ganeshananda Giri (Ganesh Baba) and Xuyen, a yoga master from Saintes.

Since then, it has welcomed numerous teachers from various traditions, including Annick de Souzenelle (Christian Anthropology), Marie Pré (mandala), Xuyen (yoga), Yolande Catoire (therapy), Gerardo Pizarro (shaman), Raymond Lambert (yoga and zen), Maitre Tokuda (zen), Georges Fisher (chant), Josette Stanké (therapy), Elliah (calligraphy), l'équipe Element-terre (massage), Pierre Feuga (yoga), Shibendu Lahiri (kriya-yoga), Francis Calderara (clown), Marianne Sébastien (cantatrice), Bhakti (medicine woman), Marie Motais ( 5 rythms dance ), Dany Coutant et Sylvie Richard (Dance et Song), Pascal Kimmerlin, Tiphaine Jeannerod, Nicole Confais, Chantal Roby, Philippe Giboud (Therapies), Muz Murray (Mantra-Yoga), Ashukan (amerindian wisdom), Cyril Marie (Sacred chants from India), Franck Lalou et Tina Bossi (Hebrew Calligraphye and Tehima) ... This list does not mention our many leaders, associates, and staff who all contribute on an ongoing basis to make our centre a place for growth and inner transformation

Swami Ganeshananda Giri


Children Creativity Workshop

Annick de Souzenelle

Yoga & Zen with Mr Lambert

Marianne Sébastien

Clown Workshop with Francis Calderara

Annick de Souzenelle and Marie Pré

Xuyen 1985

Yolande Catoire

Sri Shibendu Lahiri in 1992


Sylvie Richard et Dany Coutant lead a Workshop "Danse et Voix"

Indian Dance Workshop with Roxanne Gupta 2008

November 2009
A group of 20 people build an Amerindian "Medicine Wheel" under the guidance of Bhakti, Medicine Woman from Quebec

April 2010
Mantra Yoga with Muz Murray in Joy

Franck Lalou et Tina Bossi

Cyril Marie plays Shubert and Brahms after a YOGA-MANTRA-OPERA Workshop:


Martine Aubineau and Philippe Fabri

Raw Food Workshop with Roxanne Gupta, 2014

Kundalini-Yoga retreat with Yogi Amandeep Singh, August 15 2015

Kundalini-Yoga workshop VIDEO

6 to 8 November 2015 - Collective Mandala Celebrating Autumn with Christian

July 2017 - Tantra with Nityama

Easter 2019 - Kriya Yoga with Shibendu Lahiri